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Bespoke Training

We can design bespoke training material for you and your team. Please get in touch to see how we can help support your training requirements. 

About Us

ILG Academy has been designed to support Individual Employers and Personal Care Assistants, along with Funding Bodies and Support Organisations. We can provide e-learning packages, as well as classroom based training, both in-person and virtual settings. Our comprehensive range of services includes pre-built and bespoke e-learning packages, as well as the hosting of webinars. ILG are proud to be a recognised Skills for Care training provider and our team of expert trainers take pride in developing training material for every level.



We have developed a wide range of courses broken down into packages that are easy to navigate. This makes the whole process fun and easy to manage allowing you to see yours and your PAs achievements at the touch of a button.

Classroom Based

Our trainers have a unique combination of knowledge and expertise covering employment law in relation to Direct Payments, Personal Health Budgets and self-funders employing Personal Assistants.


In partnership with our legal advice team, ILG Support, we host webinars that focus on employment updates and changes that may impact people who employ or support people that employ Personal Assistants.

Over 90 CPD Accredited Courses Including…

Care Certificate

Cover all 15 standards of the Care Certificate and provide high quality care and support.

Infection Control Awareness

Minimise the risks of infection within your workplace, including the spread of viruses. 

Health and Safety Awareness

Understand health and safety basics in the workplace. Ensure legal responsibilities are met.

Medication Awareness

Ensure PAs are aware of the importance of accuracy when administering medication. 

Food Safety Awareness

Where food is cooked, prepared or handled, ensure everyone complies fully with UK legislation.

Safeguarding Adults Awareness

Awareness of adult safeguarding and the key responsibilities of individuals that work. 

Safeguarding Children Awareness

Develop awareness of key issues in safeguarding of children and young people.

Fire Safety Awareness

Designed as an introduction to fire safety for all employees. Comply with the law. 

Disability Awareness

Designed to ensure that you possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills in supporting people living with a disability.

Skills for Care Endorsed

Independent Living Group are pleased to announce that our training department is now Skills for Care endorsed to provide Direct Payment Individual employer training.

For many years we have provided tailored sessions for individual employers and those that support them so it is great to be recognised in this way.  

ILG Training

The ILG Academy provide online and in person workshops for employers and professionals working in the sector. Our trainers have a unique combination of knowledge and expertise covering employment law in relation to Direct Payments, Personal Health Budgets and self-funders employing Personal Assistants.

See below for a sample of the subjects we can cover.

Annual Leave & the 12.07% Method

As a follow up to the first ILG Support Webinar, this session offers a chance for you and your team to hear first-hand about the implications of the Harpur Trust v Brazel judgment and how it might apply to your day-to-day work.

We look at the law around annual leave and consider the 12.07% method and its continued application.

Introductions to Direct Payments

This session is ideal for Direct Payment (DP) advice teams, DP finance teams, social workers or other practitioners working in the sector.  This workshop covers the legislative background to DP, the importance of DP support, PA employers’ obligations, PA statutory rights and what to do when things go wrong.

Employment Status

Understanding employment status can be a minefield and requires some knowledge of the tax and employment frameworks.  This session looks at what it means to engage the services of self-employed PAs as opposed to employing a PAs while exploring the different obligations and limiting factors of each model.

Disciplinary Procedures & Dismissals

This workshop examines the different types of dismissals from conduct and capability to redundancy and SOSR.  We will focus on supporting employers through a fair disciplinary process while highlighting any key risks to be aware of.   This session will specifically focus on redundancy procedures and examine the unique concerns often raised in relation to DP funding.


What are the implications for employers and their PAs when a DP stops, and a care agency takes over?  What about the other way around? 

This session examines TUPE from the point of view of DP recipients, funding bodies and support organisations to ensure PA rights and employer obligations are properly understood.

Live In & Long-Term Shift Work

Most DP advisors will have spent some time pondering the legalities of live in care and long-term shift work.  This session aims to summarise the key issues for employers and PAs while examining the legal frameworks provided by the NMW regs and Working Time Regulations (WTR).

Sickness & Absence Management

One of the most common reasons to contact ILG Support (our legal advice service for individual employers) is to manage staff sickness and absence management.  This session looks at some of the more common scenarios to equip delegates with the skills required to deal with issues promptly and fairly.

The list of courses and topics we can cover is constantly evolving and we are happy to combine different topics to provide bespoke sessions as required.

All sessions can be delivered virtually or in person and if you have any questions or requests for a bespoke session please click on the “Enquire Now” button below.


"Trainer was very knowledgeable and made the workshop interactive which certainly helped to keep everyone from maintaining focus and interest."

"David was very engaging and made a difficult subject easier to understand. He has a simple way of explaining things."

"Very informative and interactive. Set at a very good pace. Not too much information to take in at once and not too much jargon."

"The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Direct Payments, his enthusiasm isinfectious and kept us all engaged during the workshop."

"David provided a fun session that everyone engaged with, David's passion and knowledge of Direct Payments is outstanding."

"The workshop was a pleasure to be a part of and I took lots of useful information and learning from the session."

"Good session, very interactive and good opportunity to ask questions."

"The session was very interesting and flowed well as it was interactive. I now feel more confident on employers responsibilities and what support you can get as an employer."