ILG Academy offers a comprehensive selection of e-learning training packages for employers and employees seeking to broaden their skillset and knowledge base. With a plethora of options available, you can choose from a variety of subjects and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. 

Please scroll down the page to find out more on what we can offer. If you already have an eLearning account then please click the “Login” button below to access your dashboard. 

Over 90 CPD Accredited Courses Including…

Care Certificate

Covers all 15 standards of the Care Certificate to provide high quality care and support.

Infection Control Awareness

Minimise the risks of infection within your workplace, including the spread of viruses. 

Health and Safety Awareness

Understand health and safety basics in the workplace. Ensure legal responsibilities are met.

Medication Awareness

Ensure PAs are aware of the importance of accuracy when administering medication. 

Food Safety Awareness

Where food is cooked, prepared or handled, ensure everyone complies fully with UK legislation.

Safeguarding Adults Awareness

Awareness of adult safeguarding and the key responsibilities of individuals that work. 

Safeguarding Children Awareness

Develop awareness of key issues in safeguarding of children and young people.

Fire Safety Awareness

Designed as an introduction to fire safety for all employees. Comply with the law. 

Disability Awareness

Designed to ensure that you possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills in supporting people living with a disability.

Learn On the Go

ILG Academy are proud to have provided elearning training to thousands of individual employers and their PAs. All courses included in our elearning offer are CPD accredited and monitored closely to make sure they are of the highest standard. Make sure to check out our range of packages to see how we may be able to support you in your professional development.

Partnering with Mark Bates Ltd

ILG Academy has partnered with Mark Bates Ltd to provide all policy holders with free access to our Lite package, including 6 cpd accredited courses.

Are you a ICB, Local Authority or Support Organisation?

Get in touch with us to look at bespoke packages for the individual employers and PAs in your area. We also have a reporting platform allowing support teams to monitor what training services users and PAs have completed. Click the button below to book a demo with one of our team. 


Track Your Progress

E-learning offers a range of benefits for both employers and employees. It allows for greater flexibility, enabling individuals to learn at their own pace and in their own time. This means that learning can take place without disrupting the workday or requiring time away from the workplace. Additionally, it includes tools for tracking progress, which allows individuals to monitor their own learning and development, as well as providing employers with insights into their employee’s progress.


How do I log in?

Once you place your order and payment, if necessary, is received our team will get to work on setting up each learners account. Each person will then receive welcome emails containing their individual login credentials.

Can I pay for individual courses?
The most cost effective way to purchase additional courses is through one of our packages, however if you wish to purchase them separately each course is £8.50.
What to do if you haven’t received your welcome email yet?

All new orders are completed within 3-5 working days. If it has been longer than this and you still haven’t received anything please email

How do I make payment? 

When you place your order you will be given an order number, please use this number as a reference when paying via BACS. Our bank details are provided at checkout, via email and in the attached emailed invoice. 

Will I get a certificate?
Yes, when you complete a course you will be able to download the certificate for this from your dashboard under the menu title “View Certificates”.
I am from a Support Organisation. Can we set up a bespoke package with ILG Academy? 

Please contact to look at how we can support your organisation.