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Our Gold package offers 37 professional CPD accredited courses for you and 2 of your employees. If you have more than 2 employees please update your cart to the required amount you need. Each purchase will include an extra 2 employee licenses.

All courses included in this package are CPD accredited and closely monitored to make sure the content provided is of the highest standard. Each learner will have their own learning dashboard where they can complete the assigned lessons and download each individual certificate upon completion.

What You’ll Learn

Coronavirus Awareness & Infection Control

By the end of this course you should be able to:

– Describe what is meant by infection control

– Identify relevant government legislation

– Recognise the causes and effects of coronavirus, including symptoms and management

– Know how to self-isolate

– Understand the chain of infection and how people are infected

– Describe the types of germs and infection

– Understand the need for infection control and HCAI management

– Understand how to wash your hands to WHO standard

– Understand how you can help to prevent the spread of coronavirus


Health & Safety Awareness

Understand health and safety basics in the workplace. Ensure legal responsibilities are met.

Stress Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you understand what stress is.

The main points covered are:

– Understand what causes stress and how to spot it

– Describe how stress can affect a team

– Describe ways of coping with stress

Risk Assessment Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you hold an awareness of risks and understand how risk assessment should be conducted.

The main points covered are:

– The meaning of risk and risk assessment

– Legislation

– Heinrich Bird’s Accident Triangle (1969)

– Conducting risk assessment

– Vulnerable people

Medication Awareness

– Understand the different classification of medication

– Name relevant government legislation relating to medication

– Describe your responsibilities as a care worker when giving medication

– Understand what constitutes good medication administration process

– Understand the need for safe storage and disposal of medication

– Recognise the need for proper record keeping and information sharing

– Describe the role of the CQC

GDPR Awareness

– Understand relevant legislation

– Define personal data

– Describe who the GDPR applies to

– List the 7 key principles

– Describe what is meant by a lawful basis for processing

– List an individual’s rights under the GDPR

– Describe what is meant by security under GDPR

– Understand the need for getting further guidance on GDPR


Medication Advanced
– Understand roles and responsibilities when giving medication

– Describe how medicines are administered

– Understand the need for recording the giving of medication

– Describe how medication should be disposed of

– Understand what causes medication errors and how to reduce the risk

– Describe possible side effects of medication and what to do

Moving & Handling of People Awareness

– Describe what moving and handling is

– Name some key pieces of legislation relating to moving and handling

– Identify your company policy on moving and handling

– Understand different types of injuries and accidents in the workplace

– Describe the risk assessment process

– Learn or refresh key skills for moving and handling 

– Practice moving and handling tasks frequently used in your workplace

Safeguarding of Adults Awareness (Welsh version available)

– Explain what is meant by the term safeguarding adults at risk

– Identify the types of abuse

– Describe some signs and symptoms of possible abuse

– Describe what you should do if you have a concern about an adult’s welfare or safety 


Safeguarding of Children Awareness (Welsh version available)

– Explain what is meant by the term safeguarding children

– Identify the various types of intervention and their thresholds

– Describe signs and symptoms of possible abuse

– Describe what you should do if you have a concern about a child’s welfare or safety

Emergency First Aid Awareness (Inc Basic Life Support)

– Managing incidents

– Basic life support – CPR

– Control of bleeding

– Choking

– Anaphylaxis

– Examination of a casualty

– Unconsciousness

– Head injury

– Strains and Sprains

– Shock

Disability Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you possess a theoretical knowledge and practical skills in supporting people living with disability to achieve their potentials, and will assess your ability to do the following:

– Be able to put into practice care values

– Gain understanding of equality and diversity

– Gain insight in upholding equality and diversity

– Gain understanding of the single assessment process in person centred care

– Know the legislations governing disability

Mental Health Awareness

– Define the term Mental health

– Describe how you might spot a possible mental health disorder

– Make referrals

– Supporting those with mental health disorders

– Discrimination and stigma

– Treating mental health disorders and side effects of medication

Person Centred Care Awareness

– Define person-centred care

– Describe how to develop an individual’s care plan

– Understand the bigger picture 

– Understand the need for confidentiality

– Understand how working practices affect individuals

– Describe how to maintain boundaries

Dementia Awareness

– What is dementia

– Understand how dementia affects individuals in different ways

– Knowledge of how quality dementia care purely focuses on what the person can still do 

– The importance of good communication when caring for someone with dementia

– Methods to improve the wellbeing of people with dementia


Food Safety Level 2 Awareness

– Understand the basics of food law

– Hazards to food

– HACCP from purchase to service

– Personal hygiene

– Premises

– Food pests

– Cleaning and disinfection 


Fire Safety Awareness

– General fire safety

– The science behind fires

– Risk assessment

– Emergency protocol

– Causes of Fire

– Fire classifications and their properties

– Fire Extinguishers

– Fire drill and tests

– Effects of fires on people and buildings

– Effects of smoke inhalation

– Relevant safety measures

– The role of the fire marshal

– Discovering and reporting risks

– Laws and legislation

Learning Disability Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you understand Learning Disabilities and are aware of its causes.

The main points covered are:

– Describe what a learning disability is

– Understand what causes a learning disability

– Describe the process of learning disabilities and other conditions

– Understand challenging behaviours


Epilepsy Awareness

– Describe what epilepsy is

– Understand the different types of seizures

– Understand how to administer first aid for a seizure

– Understand how to do a primary survey

– Identify and understand the recovery position 


Autism Awareness

– Recognise what autism is

– Understand what ASD is

– Identify characteristics of someone that has autism

– Identify how to care for someone with autism

– Understand how to enable those with autism



Diabetes Awareness

– Explain what Diabetes is

– Describe the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and how these are managed

– How to recognise emergency situations related to Diabetes

– Understand the complications associated with Diabetes




Infection, Prevention & Control Awareness
– Describe what is meant by infection control

– Understand the chain of infection and how people are infected

– Describe the types of germs and infection

– Name some common health care associated infections

– Understand the need for infection control and HSAI management

– Understand how to wash hands to WHO standard

– Describe what PPE is available for infection control

– Understand how you can help prevent infection spreading

– Understand the role of CQC

Food Safety Level 3

This course has been designed to ensure that you hold an advanced level of knowledge of Food Hygiene.

The main points covered are:

– Allergies and Intolerances

– Food Poisoning

– Legislation

– Food Safety Enforcement

– Microbiology

– Temperature Control and Storage

– Personal and Workplace Hygiene

– Pest Control

– Waste Disposal

Infection, Prevention & Control Advanced

Infection Prevention and Control Advanced

  • Familiarise yourself with the main laws around infection control in the workplace
  • Understand your responsibilities as an employer and an employee in infection control and the use of Personal Protection Equipment
  • Learn about pathogens, the different kinds and how they spread
  • Become aware of potential mitigation strategies to stop the spread of pathogens in the workplace
  • Grasp the 8-step method of effective hand washing to prevent the spread of infection


Oral Health Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you hold an awareness of Oral Health and understand how to cater for the dental care of your clients. 

The main points covered are:

– Understand the importance of oral health and the potential effect on their general health, well-being and dignity

– Understand the potential impact of untreated dental pain or mouth infection on the behaviour and general health and well-being of people who cannot articulate their pain or distress or ask for help ( this includes, for example, residents with dementia or communication difficulties)

– Know how to deliver daily mouth care

– Know how and when to reassess oral health

– Know how and when to report any oral health concerns, and how to respond to a person’s changing needs and circumstances

– Understand the importance of denture marking and how to arrange this for people, with their permission 

Time Management Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you understand what time management is and can recognise how to manage time effectively.

The main points covered are:

– Obstacles influencing time management

– What can be done to prevent poor time management

– Setting SMART goals

– Methods encouraging positive time management skills


Child Safeguarding Advanced

This course is designed to increase your knowledge of safeguarding and to ensure that you are confident to carry out your safeguarding responsibilities. By the end of the course you will:

– Be clear of your Safeguarding role and responsibilities as a Manager/Team Leader

– Understand the importance of supervision to support staff to take action and to ensure a safeguarding culture exists

– Be able to explain how lessons from Serious Case Reviews inform practice

– Understand the local safeguarding structure, thresholds and Ofsted requirements

– Be confident in how to respond to a concern and the need for effective record keeping and multi-agency communication

– Understand safer recruitment and safer working practices and have considered policy and practice development

Care Planning

This course has been designed to ensure that on completion you will be able to:

– Understand how individual care plans differ

– Understand how care plans should  be update

– Describe how you work with other professionals

– Describe the importance of recording observations

– Understand the stages of care planning 

– Describe how care plans should be assessed

– Demonstrate how to create a care plan


Equality, Diversity & Human Rights

– Understand the importance of equality and inclusion

– Definition of equality, diversity, inclusion and discrimination

– Work in an inclusive way

– Access information, advice and support about diversity, equality and inclusion

Duty of Care Awareness

– Understand your role

– Work in ways that have been agreed with your employer

– Understand working relationship in health and social care

– Work in partnership with others

– Understand how duty of care contributes to safe practice

– Understand the support available for addressing dilemmas that may arise about duty of care

– Deal with comments and complaints

– Deal with incidents, errors and near misses

– Deal with confrontation and difficult situations

Pressure Sore Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you understand Pressure Sores and are aware of its causes.
The main points covered are:

*Understand what a Pressure Ulcer is.

*Describe how a Pressure Ulcer forms

*Demonstrate knowledge of what makes an individual at higher risk of developing Pressure Ulcers.

*Describe warning signs that would alert you to the possibility of a Pressure Ulcer forming.

*Understand the severity of pressure ulcers and how they are treated.

Palliative & End of Life Care

This course has been designed to ensure that you possess a theoretical knowledge and practical skills in supporting people facing the end of their lives, and will assess your ability to do the following:

*Describe what is meant by Palliative Care.

*Understand how we cope with Palliative Care and help others to:

*Describe the different types of complementary therapies.

*Understand how to empathise with, and support patients.

*Describe some End of Life Care strategies.

*Think about your attitudes and fears about death and dying.

*Recognise different experiences around death and dying.

*Understand the need for Advanced Care Planning.

*Describe the importance of Symptom Management.

*Describe ‘Advance Directives’.

*Understand roles and responsibilities in End of Life Care.

*Describe ‘Last Offices’.

*Understand the grief and loss process.

Self-Harm Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you understand Self-Harm and are aware of its causes.
The main points covered are:

*Definition: What is Self-Harm?


*Types of Self-Harm

*Concepts of Self-Harm

*Causes of Self-Harm

*Situations for discussion

*Risk Management


Dignity, Privacy & Respect

– Understand the meaning of dignity, privacy and respect

– Describe relevant legislation and how it affects an organisation

– Be able to identify discrimination

– Be able to identify poor practice

– Describe how to support specific care needs

– Understand how you can implement change in order to improve care provided

– Describe how PCC fits in with dignity, privacy and respect

Communication & Record Keeping

– What is communication?

– Effective methods of communication

– Models of communication

– Communication techniques

– The management of communication

– Legislation and best practice

– Effective records in a care environment

– Preventing errors


Catheterisation Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you understand Catheterisation and are aware of its use and associated risks.

The main points covered are:

– Describe catheterisation

– Understand purpose of urinary catheterisation

– Understand the causes and types of incontinence

– Describe the different types of catheters

– Understand how a catheter is inserted

Substance Misuse Awareness

On completion of this course, learners will:

  • Have a greater awareness of what substance misuse is and its prevalence
  • Understand the categories of drugs and their effects
  • Learn about the law and drugs and consequences
  • Have an increased understanding of why young people use drugs and alcohol
  • Recognise the early signs of drug or alcohol use that might indicate a concern
  • Understand the impact substance misuse has on families
  • Know how to take action if you know or suspect that a child or a young person is using drugs or alcohol


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