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ILG Academy are pleased to offer this bespoke package to The Rowan Organisation and the people that they support. 

All courses included in this package are CPD accredited and closely monitored to make sure the content provided is of the highest standard. Each learner will have their own learning dashboard where they can complete the assigned lessons and download each individual certificate upon completion.

What You’ll Learn

Health & Safety Awareness

Understand health and safety basics in the workplace. Ensure legal responsibilities are met.

RIDDOR Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you possess an understanding of the RIDDOR regulations and your reporting obligations.

The main points of this advice are to:

– Explain what the RIDDOR means.

– Make clear why we report; what needs reporting; when you need to report and how you report.

– Provide you with other sources of information.

COSHH Awareness

– Gain an understanding of COSHH regulations

– Risk assessment and safety procedures

– Definition of hazardous substances

– Compliance with relevant regulations

– Different types of hazardous substances

– Health effects

– European CLP regulations

Food Safety Level 2

– Understand the basics of food law

– Hazards to food

– HACCP from purchase to service

– Personal hygiene

– Premises

– Food pests

– Cleaning and disinfection 


Fire Safety

– General fire safety 

– The science behind fires

– Risk assessment

– Emergency protocol

– Causes of Fire

– Fire classifications and their properties

– Fire Extinguishers

– Fire drill and tests

– Effects of fires on people and buildings

– Effects of smoke inhalation 

– Relevant safety measures

– The role of the fire marshal

– Discovering and reporting risks

– Laws and legislation 

Emergency First Aid Awareness (Inc Basic Life Support)

– Managing incidents

– Basic life support – CPR

– Control of bleeding

– Choking

– Anaphylaxis

– Examination of a casualty

– Unconsciousness

– Head injury

– Strains and Sprains

– Shock

Moving & Handling of People Awareness

– Describe what moving and handling is

– Name some key pieces of legislation relating to moving and handling

– Identify your company policy on moving and handling

– Understand different types of injuries and accidents in the workplace

– Describe the risk assessment process

– Learn or refresh key skills for moving and handling 

– Practice moving and handling tasks frequently used in your workplace

Medication Awareness

– Understand the different classification of medication

– Name relevant government legislation relating to medication

– Describe your responsibilities as a care worker when giving medication

– Understand what constitutes good medication administration process

– Understand the need for safe storage and disposal of medication

– Recognise the need for proper record keeping and information sharing

– Describe the role of the CQC

Medication Advanced
– Understand roles and responsibilities when giving medication

– Describe how medicines are administered

– Understand the need for recording the giving of medication

– Describe how medication should be disposed of

– Understand what causes medication errors and how to reduce the risk

– Describe possible side effects of medication and what to do

Safeguarding of Children Awareness (Welsh version available)

– Explain what is meant by the term safeguarding children

– Identify the various types of intervention and their thresholds

– Describe signs and symptoms of possible abuse

– Describe what you should do if you have a concern about a child’s welfare or safety

Safeguarding of Adults Awareness (Welsh version available)

– Explain what is meant by the term safeguarding adults at risk

– Identify the types of abuse

– Describe some signs and symptoms of possible abuse

– Describe what you should do if you have a concern about an adult’s welfare or safety 


Disability Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you possess a theoretical knowledge and practical skills in supporting people living with disability to achieve their potentials, and will assess your ability to do the following:

– Be able to put into practice care values

– Gain understanding of equality and diversity

– Gain insight in upholding equality and diversity

– Gain understanding of the single assessment process in person centred care

– Know the legislations governing disability

Dignity, Privacy & Respect
– Understand the meaning of dignity, privacy and respect

– Describe relevant legislation and how it affects an organisation

– Be able to identify discrimination

– Be able to identify poor practice

– Describe how to support specific care needs

– Understand how you can implement change in order to improve care provided

– Describe how PCC fits in with dignity, privacy and respect

Infection, Prevention & Control Awareness
– Describe what is meant by infection control

– Understand the chain of infection and how people are infected

– Describe the types of germs and infection

– Name some common health care associated infections

– Understand the need for infection control and HSAI management

– Understand how to wash hands to WHO standard

– Describe what PPE is available for infection control

– Understand how you can help prevent infection spreading

– Understand the role of CQC

Lone Working

– What is lone working?

– What are the legal duties?

– How to assess, identify and control the risks of lone working

– Good working practices and strategies to reduce risk

– Why training is important

– Why supervision is important

Risk Assessment Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you hold an awareness of risks and understand how risk assessment should be conducted.

The main points covered are:

– The meaning of risk and risk assessment

– Legislation

– Heinrich Bird’s Accident Triangle (1969)

– Conducting risk assessment

– Vulnerable people

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Can I pay for individual courses?
The most cost effective way to purchase additional courses is through one of our packages, however if you wish to purchase them separately each course is £8.50.
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